Irontech Doll April 2021 Promotion 0

Buy any 150cm+ Irontech Doll in this April, you will get below upgrade/gift for FREE: 1. Upgraded Skeleton 2. Second head  3. Gel-filled Breasts

Factories Shutdown During Chinese New Year Holiday 2021 0

Dear customers, We are in Chinese Lunar New Year holiday now, this is the most important festival in HongKong. Sex Doll factories are closed from Feb ...
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COVID-19 is causing shipping delays 4

Updated on May 9, 2021 The international logistics industry is severely impacted by the corona virus outbreak, shipping companies like FedEx, UPS a...

Delayed shipping due to coronavirus outbreak in HongKong 0

Dear buyers, As you may already heard that there is novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan HongKong in January 2020, in order to block the virus from spr...
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