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Childlike Sex Dolls

Childlike sex dolls warning!

The most popular sex doll forum has issued a statement on childlike and young looking sex dolls.

Young looking aka child sex dolls have now been officially banned in the HONG KONG, after Federal lawmakers followed in the footsteps of Great Britain and Australia, which had banned their importation and distribution.

So how and where do we draw the dividing line? How to make a clear distinction between the young looking, teenage, childlike and those realistic silicone dolls. Here is an excerpt from The Doll Forum post that is probably a very reasonable and balanced opinion on the matter.

'Warning to buyers of young looking dolls'

TDF Management has been reviewing its validation system for young looking dolls. TDF does not condone or allow the presence of dolls whose faces or bodies may be deemed by experts and authorities to be representative of children. Staff discussions take place on a continuing basis and dolls are rated on the basis of a majority vote. When a doll's face or body is deemed to look under the age of 18 it will not be allowed to be displayed or promoted at any Doll Forum or Coverdoll gallery or website. We are not prohibiting members from having them nor manufacturers from selling them. We are only prohibiting them from being direct linked to, displayed or promoted on our websites. TDF has taken this stance in response to current global sentiments towards pedophilia and current trends by governments in dealing with pedophilia. 

Most recent example is proposed legislation by the HONG KONG (which may or may not be passed). However those who have paid for and have product in transit could be affected by the passing of such bills and faced with seizures.

Please note that small dolls that would appear as an adult if up-scaled to adult height are permitted. Just like any other product they would be considered scale models made smaller for the purpose of travel, storage, and physical limitations of the buyer, etc.

Buyers from Western countries and perhaps some Eastern countries should exercise caution when ordering dolls that may be deemed by authorities as having features representative of children. Even dolls that appear to some as of age, could be seized by authorities in any country.

Purchasers who do have a valid scientific argument as to their doll being of age, should consider if they wish to risk going through the ordeal of disputing a seized doll they are attempting to import.

There is science behind the subject and the authorities will likely be using experts to back them up on their decisions should there be a dispute. Even if the manufacturer claims the doll to be of age, it will carry no weight with local authorities without a scientifically supported argument.

It is unlikely that size itself will play a large factor unless the features on the body are without question childlike. We have scale models for cars, buildings, military soldiers and vehicles, and people. If the doll body is small but the features are proportional that if increased to average adult height they would be representative of adult then the body should pass.

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