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Sex Doll Brands - WM Doll

Best Sex Doll Brands

What are the best sex doll manufacturers?

There are many manufacturers of sex dolls and companion dolls today. With majority of product coming from China, it is not easy to identify original, quality dolls. At Love Doll Bros we can never stress this enough: make sure the doll you are buying is original, certified and comes from a reliable source.

Apart from money scams, shipping scams, misinformation and false advertising, there are potential health and quality hazards involved when shopping for a doll on shady websites. After all, as the Chinese saying goes: “muddy waters make it easy to catch fish”. Don’t be the fish.

Our brands

In this blog post we focus on the sex doll brand that we have complete trust in and that has been verified by our team. That means each doll model we add is verified, and a quality control assessment was performed. We visited the factory and approved the manufacturing methods.

Why is this so important? Because the sex doll industry is still a murky place. As the technology progresses it is easier to copy, steal and counterfeit designs. What might be missing though is an advanced chemical knowledge that is required to create a safe and lasting material formula. It is easier with Silicone as most manufacturers use standard mixes, it is more complicated with TPE which is usually a proprietary solution. Get it right, you get a perfect, realistic, durable skin-like material with all the amazing stretch and bounce qualities. Get it wrong, you get a ‘sweating’, oily, glue-like mess that smells horrible and is impossible to clean and maintain.

So who do we work with?

We have a short-listed number of suppliers that we work with on regular basis. We also constantly research new exciting models. We have a 3-step verification process for any new offering we receive. Below we present first of the major brands we offer in our store.

WMDoll (

Definitely one of the leaders of the sex doll market and most likely the most recognizable Chinese brand. Also, the most heavily copied brand, as their photos currently can be seen across the internet almost on every page. This is the major problem with the business right now - an original WMDoll brand sex doll will never cost less than $1000.00 - it is impossible from the quality and shipping perspective.

Yet, you will find same pictures that we present on our site, everywhere on internet with a price level of $500.00. Question those deals for your own good.

WMDolls are always extremely lively, some of the best heads come from WMDoll. Also, they are very creative with body design, never afraid to experiment. E.g. some of the curvy dolls like Tara or Skyla. As you can imagine, these dolls can’t be cheap.

WMDoll brand is well established, respected and innovative. They offer wide selection of body options and a huge selection of heads. Plus torsos.

Some of the bestselling models are the 157cm, 163cm and 170cm bodies.

WMDoll options

All WM dolls come with the new generation heater, blanket, lingerie set and a set of customizable options. Options that are free to change at the time of placing your order include: hair style (wig), head type, eye color, skin color, nipple size and color, vagina color, nail color, vagina type (removable or fixed). Other options such standing feet, enhanced mouth, shrugging shoulders, extra wigs and heads are available for a small fee.

WMDoll will always looks exactly as presentented online (obviously studio lighting, makeup and specific clothing or hairstyle add to an effect).

But the real life doll you receive will be as stunning as advertised. This is the WMDoll/ quality promise.

How to buy an original WMDoll

It is very easy with us. Check our our WMDoll sex doll collection and find the one for you!

As always, if you have any questions contact our friendly sales team!

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