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Top 10 Petite Lightweight Sex Dolls of 2023

Our Best Lightweight Adult Sex Dolls

When it comes to selecting the perfect sex doll, it's crucial to consider every aspect, including weight. The weight of your doll can significantly impact your experience, making it essential to choose a lightweight option that offers both beauty and practicality. It's much easier to store and clean a 20-30kg sex doll than a 50kg one.

You may think that all you need is a small/petite sex doll but that is not always true. A lot of dolls under 160cm can still easily weigh 40kg. So to make it easier for you, we have created a list of the most beautiful under 30kg sex dolls.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or someone who frequently needs to move their doll, these petite lightweight options weighing under 30kg are designed to meet your specific needs without compromising on the captivating allure and lifelike features that make these dolls truly exceptional.

1. Andrea 157cm, WM DOLL

Introducing Andrea, the lightweight redhead companion from WM Doll, weighing just 29.4kg, with vibrant red hair and lifelike features, offering a captivating and easy-to-handle experience.


2. June 143cm, ZELEX

Meet June, the stunning asian blonde silicone sex doll, weighing just 29kg. 


3. Amanda 150cm, SE DOLLS

Amanda is a charming elf princess sex doll from SE Dolls. Weighing just 27kg, she brings a touch of fantasy to your intimate moments.


4. Payton 157cm, WM DOLL

If you're looking for a young and slim sex doll, consider Payton. Weighing 28kg, this model is perfect for those who appreciate a slender and energetic partner.


5. Riya 157cm, WM DOLL

Riya is a stunning sex doll with beautiful tanned skin, small perky breasts, and a firm derrière. Weighing 28.6kg, she is the perfect choice for those who desire a petite and feisty companion.


6. Layla 150cm, SE DOLLS

Meet Layla, a petite asian tpe love doll weighing just 27kg. She is a captivating choice for those who appreciate the allure of a smaller asian doll.


7. Katya 157cm, WM DOLL

Katya, weighing 28.6kg, is a russian girl love doll with captivating charm and lifelike features that capture the essence of russian beauty.


8. Gwen 157cm, WM DOLL

Gwen, weighing 28.6kg, is an innocent brunette love doll. Her innocent and captivating features make her an approachable choice.


9. Flora 165cm, SE DOLLS

Flora is a beautiful and innocent-looking princess. Weighing 28kg, she offers a captivating presence and a touch of fantasy.


10. Lao 165cm, WM DOLL

Lao, weighing 29.5kg, is a sweet asian love doll. With her lovable features and Asian charm, she provides a delightful companion.

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